Aqua Dragons – Day 26 (Adults)

They’ve been continuing to grow well, and maybe we’ll have a new generation soon. That one big male zipping around with the daredevil act has been unusually hyper today, which I’m guessing might mean breeding behavior soon.

I had just accidentally stirred up some sediment here, giving the front glass a little algae removing clean. It’s been staying clearer. The green water tinge from the marine phytoplankton culture they’ve been eating isn’t really visible here, but that seems to be working well so far.

Hard to count them exactly, but they’ve stabilized at around a dozen in that container, topped up to 600mL with about half sea salt and half Kent Marine mix. Considering transferring them to something larger soon.



do people not know the 5 minute rule????? if there is something “wrong” with someone’s appearance and it can’t be fixed in 5 minutes don’t tell them!!!! don’t be an ass!!! food in someones teeth? sure! let them know! wrinkled shirt? smudged makeup? messy hair? yes! talk to the person if you want! tattoos/tattoo placement? crooked nose? obnoxious laugh? shut the fuck up!!!! don’t make someone selfconscious about something they can’t fix!!!! dont be a dick!!!

also if they’ve only been on the ground for 5 minutes it’s still safe to eat them





This is the most punk rock thing I’ve ever seen

What gets me is that initial pause. The bird knows this song. He knows when the drum comes in. Being able to anticipate musical rhythm is a form of intelligence very few species have, and this is the most remarkable example of it I’ve ever seen in a bird. The cockatoo knew to wait for the drums.


This is a Palm Cockatoo and they actually take sticks form trees and craft them into little drum sticks and drum their own unique beats to attract a mate.

That’s actually kind of funny, with my automatic cheaping at myself when it’s not really called for.

I’d been thinking I might like to pick up a Nintendo 2DS XL, but had held off. Because that’s not entirely cheap, and do I really need it? (More of the usual, basically if it’s over £20 and not for the animals.)

So, I thought I saw Mr. C messing with something new last night, and I just spotted the box. Yep, looks like he bought a Switch for himself 😅

As a reasonable purchase that’s not going to starve us. At around double the price of what I wanted.

I really am the only one who is liable to start off into that “but, he’s the only one bringing in money for the foreseeable future!!!” crap. So yeah, it probably is reasonable for me to go ahead and get the 2DS XL.

May mention it later, just because. And likely get, “gee, I wish I’d thought to pick up a Switch for you too while I was at it”. Similar discussions before, yes 🙄




stop asking people’s pronouns. real life isnt the internet. asking someone’s pronouns in real life with people around is fucking degrading. we all know you wouldnt ask a cis person’s pronouns. when you ask, a trans person hears “i’m not sure if you’re actually the gender you’re presenting as. do you mind if i embarrass you and get really invasive on a personal level?” not to mention you might out the person youre asking to whoever else is around.

if youre really fucking lost, ask their name, or just guess by by how they present. the worst that can happen is you get corrected and you can be respectful about it. these are basic social conventions that should be left unsaid.

in conclusion, trans people are regular people and you should treat us normally. thanks for coming to my ted talk.

i would rather die than have someone assume my pronouns based on my appearance. that is exactly what leads to me being misgendered. please ask for my pronouns if you see me offline Please

“tumblr isn’t real life” its not Tumblr SJW XD to ask for someone’s pronouns like I’m part of so many offlines social scenes where pronouns are said along with your name when you introduce yourself…pronouns aren’t Extraneous SJW Shit pronouns are pretty important huh

I think this post is meant to apply to people who “present like their gender” but for people for whom that’s impossible…very not applicable

in what world is it better to be misgendered than to be asked for your pronouns 🤔

even if you don’t present as your gender or if you don’t pass, i think the most respectful, discrete, and normal thing cis people can reasonably be expected to do is to use a person’s correct pronouns when/if they are corrected.

when i said “the internet isn’t real life” i didn’t mean “being trans is a dumb sjw thing.” i meant that it’s easier to know someone’s gender and pronouns before you talk to them, and it’s easier to ask discretely. asking someone’s pronouns in public like at a party pr smth is different.

spaces where everyone explicitly says their name and pronouns are a different story because being trans is expected. most spaces and most situations aren’t like that.


More photos of Mongolia’s reindeer-herding minority ethnic group, the Tsaatan, by Joel Santos.

Children are responsible for training reindeer for riding, because the reindeer are not strong enough to carry an adult until they are fully grown, and it works best to introduce them to the idea early. A two year old reindeer, old enough for a child to ride, is called dongor; an adult reindeer is a hoodai.