Ramen is already awesomely delicious, but Singapore-based artist Cynthia Delaney Suwito’s Knitting Noodles project elevates delicious noodles into edible art. She took an “instant” food and put it to use in a way that requires she be patient and careful, which in turn urges the viewer to slow down as they watch the methodical noodle knitting process:

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Post #5: Artist Cynthia Delaney Suwito demonstrates the awesome patience and care of knitting with ramen noodles.






Fact: Bisexual people in different gender relationships are basically straight, and bisexual people in same gender relationships are basically gay. Baking powder is basically flour so you can more or less use them as substitutes for each other. Tigers are basically large house cats and make suitable pets. Money is basically paper so you can get away with paying for goods and services using the A4 sheets you’d find in a printer. Pillows are basically just feathers so as a substitute if no pillow is available just rest your head on a live duck.

does it need to be a bisexual duck


Bisexual A4 paper too?

Okay, now you’re just being silly.


also some ppl might be interested in this article by Saylesh Wesley, who is a Stolo trans woman and PhD student, where she talks about her developing relationship with her grandmother regarding her gender–it’s interesting to me because Wesley notes that she was unable to find evidence of pre-contact language or even existence of Two-Spirit Stolo people, but ultimately her grandmother agrees to coin a word in Stolo for people like her

and it just feels really important to me, as I’m out here speculating on how we could invent words for “nonbinary” and shit in Ojibwe, that we don’t have to be beholden to the pre-contact, we can create these roles as a way of ensuring our own futures.







Your 12 recent emojis are how each month of 2018 will be for you

😂✨😭👌😏😩😒🔥💕😍😱💀 bitch im fucking gonna die in december 2018


I’m concerned? But like, fall into December is gonna be a ride.

i’m concerned but like
fall into december is
gonna be a ride

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that actually seems about right lmao


LMAO the start of the year with beer aaayyyyyy