TIL that a 14 year old boy broke into Queen Victoria’s Buckingham Palace while disguised as a chimney sweep and then ran off with her underwear.

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Even weirder, he apparently got arrested several times for sneaking in there, over the course of a few years.

“The full story of his activities has been told in the 2010 book Queen Victoria’s Stalker: The Strange Case of the Boy Jones, written by Jan Bondeson.”


So I hate, hate, HATE that I have to do this but I’ve been out of work for months and I’m just….not getting hired (and it’s not for a lack of trying). What makes this worse is I had a mental breakdown recently and had to be hospitalized. 

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are you gay? if you’re not gay then i don’t think you should be going to gay bars






I hope this is a joke my dude. A throwback to darker times.

God save me from cis gays saying this, like ‘gay bars’ were ever just for people who were gay/lesbian and not bi, trans, queer, etc etc etc. Like do they think that the trans women were in Stonewall by mistake?

trans women were in stonewall because they were homosexual males/homosexual AMABS- AKA gays, coloquially.

“cis” gays and dysphoric homosexuals are the reason gay bars exist. they are the reason the structure of the gay rights movement exists. homosexuals, samesex attracted people aka gays, are the reason you lazy fucks have the rights you do. you are entitled fools if you think “cis gays” are your enemy. your ass is able to sit here and openly talk about these things because of the activist labor of lesbians, gay men, and dysphoric homosexuals


Bonus points: The TWERF is hilariously ass-backward.

The reason trans women were at Stonewall specifically is because, as trans women, they weren’t “respectable gay man” enough for the gay bars where the Mattachines and their ilk hung out.



Hey guys, I really need your help. I’m an autistic and disabled trans guy and my mom passed away earlier this week. Now I’m by myself with just my cat. I need help paying off her bills as well as my own and keeping us fed.

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Here’s the source for that census map, btw: https://www.census.gov/history/pdf/1860_slave_distribution.pdf

Also shows a handful of other Southern states and the information that the map was “sold for the benefit of sick and wounded soldiers of the U.S. Army,” which is nice and also probably why we still have a copy, because they made a whole bunch of them for fundraising.



This one time I was at a street festival hosted by my Uni and there was a guy doing card tricks. I was watching him when I noticed he dropped a card. (7 of spades) I quickly pu my shoe in it and then bent down to act like I was tying my shoe. He then asks for a volunteer so I raise my hand. He asks me to say the name of a card at random so I say “7 of spades” he does his trick that I guess was supposed to make it come on top. He holds up the Ace of Hearts and says “is this your card?” And I hold up the card and said “no but this is” and the crowd LOST IT. I handed the card back to the magician and walked away. Later he comes up to me and asks me how I did it. I looked him in the eye, smiled and said “magicians never reveal their secrets” and walked away.

this is some god tier trickery and i love it