Autistic people aren’t really accepted – and it’s impacting their mental health




“[By] being more accepting and positive when people are diagnosed with autism, we could make a real difference to their lives.”

In b4 the cascade of Autism Moms who scream “but what about my child who can’t talk, smears poop, screams and runs around in his diaper at age 23?!?!?!”

Those are the people who contribute the most to how we feel just by how they talk about and treat their nonverbal adult offspring, because they’re the ones who dismiss people who can talk as “not really autistic” or “not autistic enough for it to matter”.

I can’t get over the line, “Unfortunately, we still don’t know why autistic people are at a higher risk for mental health problems than non-autistic people.”

Really? I like the article but just… how can they not know why this is? The entire article is about that. The thousand little struggles every day for people perceived as normal but weird (so therefore offered zero help or understanding) are enough to wear down the health of the individual. As they said themselves, I do believe… The lack of acceptance is big, but just dealing, period, is a trial sometimes.

Autistic people aren’t really accepted – and it’s impacting their mental health


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I know this is rude but sometimes I wish some Facebook support groups for chronically ill or disabled did not allow parents of sick or disabled kids. I think most groups should allow them and they should have their own support groups too but holy shit sometimes I’m so tired of seeing parents of disabled or chronically ill kids talking about how impossible or miserable or hard their lives are because of their disabled or sick child without actually acknowledging how hard it is for the child. I’m not saying they shouldn’t have their place to vent but they should also think of how that looks to the actually disabled or sick people. It paints us as a burden to our families. Not to mention if their child ever saw those posts. I just think it’s a little hurtful and insensitive to the actually sick or disabled people in the support groups

Speaking of which I just saw a post on an eds group where a mother said eds runs in their family and their young daughter has daily headaches and stomach problems. The mother thinks it’s anxiety and wants to take her to a therapist rather than a doctor. Like are you kidding me. Don’t ignore your kids symptoms that match an illness you are aware is in your family then post a dismissive post on a group that is supposed to be supportive to people with the disease. Like the fuck.

I had health problems for years that were blamed on anxiety and bullying in school. They were really eds and pots. If I had been treated earlier I could have saved a lot of damage to my body and loss of quality of living.

Parents. Do. Not. Dismiss. Your. Kids. Physical. Symptoms.


*neurotypical teacher voice* if you want to avoid being abused every day, maybe you could try not being you? no no no i can’t stop people from abusing you, that’s an unreasonable request! but I can provide lessons in not being you! we’ll maybe consider treating you like a person when this *gestures to all of me* is different