I think one of the things people don’t get about autism (or, probably, disability in general) is that it’s highly contextual. I can handle certain clothes in the right environment, at the right time of the month, and with enough sleep. I can talk to unfamiliar people when I’m around someone whose social energy I can sort of feed off of. I can break routine or ask for help if I’m taking care of someone else. But all of these things have a cost, you know? So if the surrounding elements aren’t exactly what I need, my ability to do the thing (and appear neurotypical doing it) is reduced or eliminated.


On the day I got rid of my last wool sweater I was having such a bad day. I was so angry and cranky and short and unreasonable and impatient and then I finally noticed somehow that my arm itched and I took off the sweater. 

It is important to note that this sweater LOOKED fantastic. And I didn’t even parse it, consciously, as “scratchy”. I was not consciously aware that it had been bothering me. I actually loved this sweater. 

But I took it off and suddenly I was at least 50% calmer. I had 50% more patience, I hated people 50% less, I could think better. 

I have spent the last, like, six years learning to NOTICE when sensory processing hell is Fucking Me Over, so I can do something about it, instead of just … suffering all the consequences and not knowing why. 

This is also the story of why I do not wear socks, or shoes that cover my instep and my toes at the same time, if it is humanly possible to avoid it, and would actually rather up to a point have cold/wet/sore feet. 

According to multiple reports, Brunell will be appointed deputy director of the US Census Bureau and de facto leader of the 2020 census, which is constitutionally mandated to count every person in America. The census determines the level of representation for state and federal districts, and how $600 billion in federal funding is allocated to states and localities. (In addition to Brunell, the Trump administration has hired Kevin Quinley, a former research director for Kellyanne Conway’s polling firm whose clients included Breitbart News, as a special adviser to the Census Bureau.) The deputy director of the Census Bureau has historically been a nonpartisan career civil servant. Brunell, a registered Republican, has no prior government experience and a deeply partisan background. He has testified or produced expert reports for Republicans in more than a dozen redistricting cases and has defended new voting restrictions passed by Republicans. His 2008 book, Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad for America, argued that extreme partisan gerrymandering should be the norm because, he claimed, ultra-safe blue or red districts offered better representation for voters than competitive ones. The census, conducted every 10 years, forms the basis for redistricting, and its detailed demographic data is used to implement the Voting Rights Act and other civil rights laws. Voting rights lawyers and longtime observers of the census worry that instead of committing to accurately count every American, Brunell and the Trump administration will use the 2020 census to concentrate power, representation, and economic resources in Republican hands.




What you’re looking at right now is a chunk of one of my molars which decided to come loose today. This is one of many dental problems I’ve been dealing with over the last year and has been a constant source of stress and anxiety for me.

I’ve done some searching and my most viable option is to become a patient at OSU College of Dentistry, which runs about 50% cheaper on average that most dentists. The initial screening is only about $80 – $120, which I can cover on my own, but the follow up appointments are individually prices depending on the work they will be doing. I don’t have any insurance, so I’ll be having to fund this myself.


I had backed off accepting new commissions for a while so they I could focus on building my Patreon and starting to work on more original material. In light of current problems, original content is going to have to go on the back burner for a while. What I really need are quick, $10-$25 (1k – 2.5k) commissions that can help build my savings so that I can start making appointments to get my teeth fixed.

I never ask for payment until your fic is completed. I appreciate it when people can pay ahead of time, but it is not and NEVER will be required.

This would be a really big help to me. If you can commission, that would be amazing! If you can support my Patreon, that would be amazing! If you can reblog this, that would be very helpful! I appreciate you paying attention and trying to give a fic writer a helping hand!
















Here lies Asia. They are not going to be able to make it.

Here lies Kay. She is a great friend.

Here lies Charlie. They were in a few weeks ago and the machine is happening.

Here lies Meesta. She was a little late to the party.

Here lies Flo. She was just so confused about how she is.

Here lies Navy. He was a good time.

Here lies Cerf. She was a cursed lady with no mercy and then she was a blessed mother

Here lies Ryan. He was just like a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who is just like a guy.

here lies roach. he was told that he was told to weld it up to the point of a knife.

here lies andrea. she was just a little bit of a difficult concept.

Here lies Carlie. She was a kid in a cape with the dog in a cape.

Here lies Nell. She was just like a man to me and my mom and her sister and her family and I was like oh yeah that’s what I was like yeah.

Here lies Niks. He was born that way to move him to selflessness.

Here lies Jessie. She was a very happy and sweet friend to me and her family and I hope y’all have a wonderful day and I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you’re having a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Here lies Mel. She was just rude.

Here lies clatterbane. They were not the intended recipient, you can also be used to be a good time to time.