Hey all, as many of you may or may not know, I’ve been struggling a lot these past few months with my government and benefits. And I know that I have another donation post circulating but I still desperately need help to get by. I’m currently on benefits and I just before Christmas, my benefit was sanctioned and reassessed due to my mental illnesses.

My benefit comes back in full at the end of January (25th) and until then I really need help to get groceries and keep my electricity and gas meters on throughout this month.

It’s absolutely freezing in my home and my gas/electricity meters are rapidly running out, my gas literally has pennies left in it now and it’s almost out (pictured). I’m getting really desperate now. 

If anyone can spare anything at all to help me get by, even just a £1/$1, please consider it.

Thank you 🙏💖💖


Update: January 11th!!

Hey guys, I’m still really struggling to pay my gas/electricity bills and I’m just £40 short to keep them on and get groceries in for this month and I would be incredibly appreciative if anyone could help or spare a few £’s/$’s to help me. Or please at least share this post in hopes that someone else may be able to help instead. Thank you 🙏💖💖

It actually took me a while to figure out that it was a washing machine causing the racket up there. Seriously never heard anything like it before.

Might not know still, if it weren’t for the very British shared open drain for both kitchens. I noticed that water rushing down smelling strongly of their laundry detergent did indeed coincide with changes in the cycle of noise/vibration. Made a lot more sense then.


Just reminded with those replacement headphones coming in very handy again, I have a relatively new contender here for the most ridiculous seizure trigger ever:

The noise and vibration from upstairs’ washing machine! 🙃

It is a relatively new one, and as I commented before when that blocked drain was flooding our patio, they run it at least once a day. Usually more, and at unpredictable times. Even though they do have a kid and a dog up there, I’ve had to wonder if they’re also taking in laundry or something. It’s running that often.

At first I assumed it was just the sound, but then I had it blocked out pretty well one night and still started getting muscles twitching and jumping in rhythm with the vibrations. And it kinda went from there. That effect was freaky enough with music my nervous system hated before, but geez that was a weird experience. Happened more than once since, too, with no idea of what might have been different those times.

(One day after I got up, I managed to get a fun combo of seizurey shit from that, and one of the pain meltdowns exacerbated by having to use the headphones when I was already that overloaded. Great fun.)

If I’m on this side of the house (including the heated rooms where I spend at least 90% of the time) when it’s running, usually headphones with the right music going at a sufficient volume to drown it out will head off the worst of it. But, I suspect it’s fucking me up and sapping more energy I don’t have to spare on a regular basis now Definitely staying headachy and spacy a lot more again.

It’s particularly frustrating when there’s basically nothing to be done about something like that. I mean, at least it’s not like when we had that horrible abusive asshole up there whose loud electronic crap kept scrambling my nervous system before–and I knew good and well that if anyone said a word, he’d up the ante on purpose. Just that kind of jerk.

But, you can’t really just say, “Hello, neighbors who don’t seem to particularly like us anyway. Possibly because we come across as weird. You know that new washing machine you bought a while back? Please stop using it, because it’s giving me/my spouse seizures.” 🤔 😩

At least it’s more manageable than the awful music situation so far, and I haven’t been waking up with a chewed-up inside of the mouth or anything so far. But, that’s still been a further quality of life hit that I could do without.

Also, I have pretty much exclusively seemed to have noticeable problems with this shit when something else has been lowering my seizure threshold enough to cause problems. (Which helped it get missed and misinterpreted over the years, yeah.) Medications, celiac deficiencies, whatever rather serious factors. I’m kind of concerned now about what else might be going on to make me more susceptible, but it probably ain’t good.

Didn’t think to mention earlier, but reminded by it starting up again just as I was wanting to go to bed. (In one of the rooms right under the worst of it 😬)

This would probably be less aggravating if it were a US-style top loader with the much shorter wash cycles. With the standard European home front loaders, which heat the water and all? You’d better not want the clothes very soon. “Short wash”/“fast wash” tends to run about an hour and a half. Regular wash cycles, at least 3 hours.

Thankfully, that thing doesn’t vibrate our floors and walls for the whole 3+ hours straight. Just certain parts of the cycle.

From experience, I’ve still got probably half an hour before it settles down enough for earplugs to be enough to let me get to sleep in there, though 😩

Thankfully this is the first machine anybody has had up there that’s so strong with the noise and actually made our place vibrate. No idea what would even do that. I considered that maybe it’s some extra heavy duty commercial model, but those usually also finish a load much faster.

your union needs to have dues




there’s a debate on here right now that goes like this:

“we should strike on election day!”
“but it won’t do anything.”
“but historically strikes had power!”

yes. yes they did. but there’s a slight difference between then and now.

think about it. mill and factory workers in the industrial revolution worked longer hours for less pay and no benefits, and they needed those jobs to survive. why would they strike, when they had so much to lose?

they had a fucking strike fund.

why are people so afraid of striking? because if you’re in poverty, even taking a day off of work is a day without getting paid, and when you have a family to provide for, the thought of being without even those wages is terrifying. how do you alleviate that fear? you let them know that there’s a union-driven safety net. everyone contributes to the fund with their dues, and everyone draws from it according to their basic needs. sure, the funds won’t last forever, but if you plan well and keep it maintained, that gives you more bargaining power. it’s not the employers waiting to starve you out, it’s a game of chicken: your dwindling funds vs. their dwindling profits, who decides it’s not worth it first?

calling for a nationwide strike doesn’t do that because there is no safety net. you’re effectively only asking the people who can afford to take time off to strike, and ignoring everyone else. and if you really want your protests to have power, you can’t afford to ignore all those people.

addendum: this is why it’s called ORGANIZING. it takes time and energy to plan effective resistance. casting your idea out into the abyss of the internet and hoping that people take you up on it without anything to back you up is like calling for the montgomery bus boycott without having any carpools or shoe drives.

I think this particular disconnect with reality stems mostly from bad education.

In school, when I learned about the whole muckraking movement and the civil rights movement, and the variety of boycotts and protests that took place alongside them, teachers mysteriously neglected to add the parts about how people funded these things. It really made protests look like magic, like they just happened and grew naturally, instead of being carefully planned to make sure they didn’t ultimately hurt the people they’re trying to help.

So now we have a bunch of 20-somethings who were never really informed about what a strike is or how it works. They just know “strikes get things done sometimes occassionally” and/or “strikes are when people stand outside their workplaces with signs and yell at everyone and make everything a massive inconvenience”.

So when they feel the need to strike, either they have no idea how to do it, or they don’t want to because they’ve only learned anti-union propaganda and they don’t believe striking works.

So, convenient lapse in modern education or was leaving out key parts of union history intentional? You decide.


in movies they always have characters sharing an intimate moment and saying “tell me something you’ve never told anyone before” and some deeply moving personal story full of emotion and heartache comes out of it and the characters, who have never been in talk therapy in their lives, bond around their secrets

the fuck would I have to say? “for about six months in high school I wanted to be a mime”? like shit son all the important stuff I’ve either shared in therapy or thoroughly repressed. and now I just shared the mime thing so can’t use that.