The worst trick a childhood anxiety disorder pulls is, you spend your early years being applauded for being so much more mature than your peers, because you aren’t disruptive, you don’t want any kind of attention, you don’t express yourself, you keep yourself to yourself – this makes you a pleasure to have in class, etc etc – and you start to believe it’s virtue. But you’re actually way behind your peers in normal social development, and who knows if you can ever catch up.

Never heard a truer thing in my life.

holy shit wait you mean being just morbidly terrified of doing anything wrong ISN’T necessarily the same as being “well behaved?!”

Convenient children =/= healthy children

Convenient children do not equal healthy children




please don’t tell people how they should deal with their periods. not everyone wants to use a diva cup, or a reusable pad. these things can be uncomfortable and miserable. 

it’s nice to suggest alternatives that people may not be aware of, but do not demand someone use it because it’s more cost effective or something. 

like some things don’t work for some people and if there is an option that works best for them you shouldn’t argue with them over that.

Good: sharing accurate, factual information about a variety of ways to deal with menstrual cycles (the periods themselves and the other parts)

Bad: shaming anything you yourself wouldn’t use, and/or actively insisting everyone else use it

On that note lemme dig up the Sexplanations video that introduced like 3-5 products I wasn’t aware of, including homemade??? Here is a YouTube link. Longform for copy/pasting: https://youtu.be/5Dkn-e7idP0

lmao i’m already getting hate mail over this post from terfs. fuck off.





i wonder how many historic trans men we’ve lost to “this WOMAN went by a man’s name, wore men’s clothes, took the job of a man, lived as a man… GIRL POWER!”

this isn’t a “pushing my identity on historic people” thing, it’s the fact that every single time i or another person brings up the possibility of someone like us in history, we’re immediately shut down, told that we didn’t “exist yet”, given a billion different reasons why we aren’t ALLOWED to see these people as reflective of us and our struggles and experiences – i get that we didn’t have the vocabulary back then but for so many of you the IDEA that someone who went to the same stretches that we do today to separate from their dead selves and identify similar to the way trans people do is too “far out there” and “disrespectful” to them somehow. they’re dead. we’re alive. we’re trying to connect the pieces. go get your kicks out of isolating us from history somewhere else, away from me.

yeah, there were women who did crossdress in order to take up jobs they would not have been permitted to access

but when people say it about Albert Cashier, who donned Union uniform, bound his chest, and lived as a man even after the Civil War, when he was reclusive and lived in a tiny village, after there would have been no incentive for him to do so, I question their motives.

I also question their motives when they list Alan L Hart, who legally changed his name and was one of the first trans men to pursue a hysterectomy, referring to himself as “a fellow.”

people DONT want historical figures to be trans. they WANT to interpret these historical figures as women, not trans men, because that makes them uncomfortable. 

same with the musician billy tipton, who hid his trans status from his wife and children his whole life, and whose son didn’t know his father was trans until billy was dead. he told his wife that his binding was necessary because he had been in an automobile accident before they met, never disclosing his trans status to her. the number of historians that refer to him by his deadname and call him an “actress” make me feel sick. he was a stealth trans man around everyone but his parents, and it hurts trans men everywhere to call trans men in history “lesbians”.

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