“The Favorite” by Omar Rayyan

Favorite what? Demon?!

Loving the fact that whatever it is is wearing a matching flower.

18th century Lilo and Stitch

so i looked up some of this guys other stuff and I


what the fuck

sexy parrot girls yeah ok

oh look the demon has little babies



Dearie me, what is this that just popped up on my dash.

What is that orange dragon doing? Yoga or ballet? 😱

his best!

I went to his website and he has a photo of himself:

I love??? so much???

The orange dragon thing is obviously having a spa day, damn.

We all deserve a little pampering.

you can buy prints and greetings cards of his work here




my genuine advice to younger-than-me wlw & questioning women about sex: it’s supposed to feel good. if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t have to do it. if you don’t enjoy something, you’re allowed to not like it. no matter what it is. even stuff that our culture says is essential to sex. you’re allowed to not like pain or crude language when you have sex, you are allowed to not like penetration, you’re allowed to not like oral or anal, you’re allowed to straight up not like being touched (being a stone top is okay!!!), you’re allowed to like things that most straight people don’t even consider sex but feel good, you’re allowed to like things that most cis people don’t even consider sex but feel good, you’re allowed to have preferences and enjoy sex and decide against sex that doesn’t feel safe and good. there is so much pressure to feel like you should like certain things, and I want you to know that it’s important to find out what you actually do like, not just what you feel like you’re supposed to like. you’re the one living in your body, and you get to decide what feels pleasurable 


good advice for everyone tbh (via @dingo-inna-domino-mask)

“you’re the one living in your body, and you get to decide what feels pleasurable”


bad news: I didn’t get paid last Friday because of a clerical error

good news: the error has been found out and I’ll get paid

bad news: I won’t get paid until the next pay period in two weeks

more bad news: I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting paid less than usual because of holiday time off

so, I’ve got just about no cash on hand for the next two weeks and I’m not gonna be able to do much besides pay rent when I *do* get paid

if you wanna help me out my PayPal is and my square cash is$galpalgebra

any donations would be greatly appreciated









Somehow Adam and Jamie ended up on the same flight from LA to SF while on completely separate business.

On the other hand, now we know Jamie does have a second outfit.

Are those two on bad terms? They don’t seem happy to see each other

There’s rumors.

There’s always rumors. 

EDIT: and by ‘rumors’ I mean ‘Jamie straight up said they aren’t friends’.

Also, Alton Brown appeared on the show and I completely missed it.

i heard they left on good terms just didnt like how the other worked

From what I understand, the early seasons of myth busters had a particularly dickish producer who worked to make them hate each other, under the belief that having them at each other’s throats would make good television.

He was eventually fired for going too far, and their relationship improved somewhat, although they still dislike how each other works

People can learn from this. The whole working together despite not being friends


so apparently when my sister and i were little we took golfing classes and we got kicked out after a week. the reason being that the old white male instructor kept calling my 4 year old sister Maria “Mary” after she told him several times that her name is pronounced Maria. anyway, at one point, he tells her “well, that doesn’t matter anymore. you’re in America now.” and that distressed my sister so much that she hit him with her golf club.

that’s not what did the damage, though. what fucked that old dude up is that i saw my sister hit him from where i was standing and i ran over and started beating him with MY golf club. my mom says that i didn’t know what the hell was happening, but i squared up.

that’s why we got kicked out.








Me trying to explain to Northern and coastal liberals that bigotry is not a regional phenomenon:

notes on this post are a fucking mess

“ I hate the South! Everyone is a bigot! I’m going to move to New York where EVERYONE is progressive like me!”

Having come from Upstate NY myself…No. No they’re not. People in rural NYS are just as bigoted as rural Southerners. The really annoying part is they’re four times as rude about it.

People in NYC can be just as racist as rural Southerners too

NYC white liberals fought against desegregation. The Harlem 9 emerged because of it. Bedstuy’s taxation without Sanitation happened right here in Brooklyn. I’ve seen more racist housing practices here in NYC than I ever did in Atlanta. Systematic racism isn’t regional. It’s white.

NYC is chronically listed as one of the most segregated cities in the country.

New Jersey is a hotbed of white nationalists

The rest of the Northeast is pocked with racist libertarians (hi New Hampshire), may-as-well-be sundown states (how’s it hanging Maine), and colorblind racism (what’s good VT?). Rhode Island habitually votes against removing the term “plantation” from the official state name, Connecticut is…it’s basically NYS, but whiter.

Should I branch out to PA and the mid Atlantic or nah?

I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life. Believe me, we’ve got the mix of good and bad, and it’s got very little to do with whether you’re rural or urban. Seems to have something to do with whether the weasel that is our current governor has tricked you into thinking he actually cares, though.