as a welsh person i want you all to accept that W is a vowel because honestly it makes pronouncing acronyms so much easier. wlw becomes ‘ooloo’, wjec becomes ‘oojeck’, love yourselves and stop giving us shit when we tell you welsh has 7 vowels. english actually has 15 vowel sounds but because y’all only use 5 letters you have to rely on a spelling system devised by satan

and please, enough with the “keyboard smashing” jokes. not original, not funny.

#okay but can any of y’all even pronounce your own town names tho? #bye”

yeah, we can actually because the spelling is phonetic. meanwhile english folks have placenames like bicester or keighley or beaulieu, which you have to learn the pronunciation for individually because the rules are so inconsistent. i mean people can’t even agree how to pronounce marylebone but sure welsh place names are the weird ones

#But are you aware your language literally looks like a potato rolled across a keyboard”

fun fact: for decades children were beaten for speaking welsh in school, even in areas where english was barely spoken, because the government decided in 1847 that the language made people lazy and immoral

fun fact: welsh orthography is actually easy to read if you take your head out of your arse for one minute and learn our alphabet – just like french, or spanish, or korean, because surprise! languages use different spelling systems that are not based on english. novel, i know – and in the 18th century, travelling schools were able to teach people to read and write welsh in a matter of months, so that wales enjoyed a literate majority, a rare thing in europe at the time

fun fact: the english have been taking the piss out of welsh for years, just like they’ve been doing for irish, and scots gaelic, and cornish, and british sign language, and a hundred and one other languages, because evidently the fact that the whole world isn’t anglophone and monocultured and Still Part Of The Empire is a problem, and something that needs to be corrected

(quietly cheers in support of the Welsh, and your language sounds beautiful, too)

drag them, wales!

Go Wales

For once proud to have some Welsh in me


And to be clear, there isn’t and shouldn’t be a dividing line between productivity hacks and disability accommodations. Tools that help normal people get organized and together and focused enough to run a startup are going to have a ton in common with tools that help ADHD people get organized and together and focused enough to do their laundry, and if we just say to everybody “these are tools that will make your life easier, come and take them”, that is vastly, vastly better than if we say “if you are disabled, come get these in therapy; if you are rich and successful, come get them at productivity retreats”. 

There’s nothing magic about the normal human baseline. There’s nothing where it’s acceptable to get people up to baseline but we should scold people already at baseline for wanting more. There is commonality of experience between people whose brains don’t work and people whose brains work but not well enough to do the insanely ambitious things they are attempting, and embracing that commonality of experience is good for everyone but particularly good for disabled people. 

My Daughter’s Transplant Expenses






Hoping for a miracle here.

Yes, this is for my daughter’s transplant funds as outlined in the GFM. We will need to uproot ourselves for 3-4 months, and to do so on short notice. Unless a qualifying living donor comes along, in which case we may be able to ctually schedule and plan a bit.

However, as you may have seen in other iterations of this post, we seem to be constantly in the negative. Too many bills, not enough money, no matter how hard I try to change that. Trying to keep a functioning household is expensive. And it’s important to keep a level of functioning: washer/dryer, car (some months we have one regular therapy appointment for her brother; other times we have one appointment every weekday). Post-transplant we need a transplant safe environment, which means as close to hospital clean as I can make it.

My daughter was molested by my ex husband. We live in a house owned by his family. Threats to evict us occur regularly.

We want to move out of here, away from their control, but we’re lucky to survive here.

I know it’s asking a lot to ask random, probably equally broke, people on the Internet to rescue us.

But I find I can’t give up the hope.

Thank you all so much!

Oh, and if you’re interested in maybe possibly donating a kidney to my daughter, here’s where to begin. Donors need to between 21-45, in reasonably good health, and O+ blood type. If this is something you’re interested, please contact the University of Washington’s living donor program at 206-598-3627, and mention you’re interested in donating to Dessie McAdams.

This poor baby has been struggling for so long. Unfortunately I’m not the right blood type, but if you are, please consider helping.

My Daughter’s Transplant Expenses






Hypothesis: majority of straight men would have less fun in an MFF threesome than they would expect and more fun in an MMF threesome than they would be comfortable admitting.

Hm I want info backing this up

look the NSF research grant application form is right there-

That’ll just tell you about threesomes among grad students prone to volunteering for studies, who are not a representative sample.

Hahaha, as if grad students have time for sex.


Motivational quote of the day by Zarathustra the #Cat 😻 #FatCatArt #zarathustralive #nap #justdoit✔️

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From Black Lives Matter:

Her story is our story. #BlackLivesMattermemoir

Black Lives Matter Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors and asha bandele have written a book entitled When They Call You a Terrorist, the book is available for pre-order now here! It will be in stores in the new year on January 16th, 2018!

“This remarkable book reveals what inspired Patrisse’s visionary and courageous activism and forces us to face the consequence of the choices our nation made when we criminalized a generation. This book is a must-read for all of us.” — Michelle Alexander

“To call the founders of BLM terrorists is an unconscionable lie. This strikingly beautiful memoir puts the lie to the notion that Black Lives Matter comes from anything other than a place of love– love of self, community, people, and, ultimately, the very soul of a democratic nation.” — Michael Eric Dyson