Why These Birds Carry Flames In Their Beaks



These birds figured out that fires flush their prey out of the brush and into the open and have literally coordinated massive feeding frenzies using strategic burning. 

“We’re not discovering anything,” cautions co-author Mark Bonta, a National Geographic grantee and geographer at Penn State University. “Most of the data that we’ve worked with is collaborative with Aboriginal peoples… They’ve known this for probably 40,000 years or more.”

Nice to see someone acknowledging that. Also I’m pretty sure this makes Australian kites and hawks the most metal of tool-using birds.

Why These Birds Carry Flames In Their Beaks



my dad had a skype interview today so he was sitting in the living room looking all professional in his suit and tie and everything while he’s talking to the people who are interviewing him. and OF COURSE my cat decided that she NEEDED to speak at that moment so she just starts meowing left and right and talking crazy talk to the point where the interviewers just start laughing because she just will NOT shut up. so my dad just kind of sighs, looks at the camera, and goes, “i’m so sorry. i have to ask my cat to leave.” and then he looks over at victoria and very calmly and professionally goes, “victoria, i’m afraid you’re being too loud, and i’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

and she did. she fucking turned and walked out of the living room.

hire the man cats obey.




So this was on the local news tonight.  A mother in a city about 20 minutes south of me has a 10y/o autistic son, and she said that because he’s autistic, she’s afraid he’s going to get hit by a car on the street because he “can’t think” and might just run out into the street without looking.  So she called some city officials and requested that they put up this sign in front of her home to warn drivers that there’s an autistic child in the area.  Within 3 days, they put this sign up just for her.

As an autistic person myself, this is just rubbing me an enormously wrong way.  I don’t like this.  At all.  In fact, I kinda hate it.  It just strikes me as one of those sympathy-addicted Autism Mom™ things that doesn’t take into account the humanity of their autistic kid.  Like she needs to announce to the world that she has no idea how to communicate with her own child, and rather than learning what kind of communication methods he needs as an autistic person, she just assumes that he’s just this unreachable burden she’s forced to bear, and is calling on the community to “help” her deal with this creature she can’t “control.”  And that lowers this poor boy to sub-human status.  Like she thinks they need their own personal “Deer Crossing” sign, but in her cause “Autistic Crossing.”  It just strikes me as so wrong.

What do you think?

the problem here is that all children will at one time or another run out into the street and you can get a city to put a “children at play” sign up to warn for any children playing or petition for a speed bump to be put into the neighbor hood, there are ways to do this without stigmatizing the “special needs” child (i, as an autistic child, did once run into the road in front of a car, and then i didn’t do it again because first, it scared me, second, it scared my parents, and third, i was punished for it, autistic children? are children, we all made mistakes and we do thoughtless things, like all children do)

also, if you’re so worried about your child and traffic and don’t care about what your yard and neighborhood looks like because that sign is a huge eye sore regardless, just put up a fence

The ableist idea that autistic people “can’t think” is so utterly horrifying, too.

Autism Parents™ are especially awful because they spend a lot of time promoting these ideas to one another.

One of the biggest concerns they push on each other is that their kids might just up and run into the street. There is an entire industry of kid leashes, trackers, etc. around it.

My first kid was autistic. In Autism Parent™ terms, we “had a runner.” Bc she started taking off from preschool and getting out the gates and down the stairs toward the street before anybody could notice/catch her.

Fortunately, none of us knew anything about autism at the time, and she wasn’t diagnosed, so the preschool just sat us down and said, “listen, we love your kid, you know that, she’s fantastic, we don’t have the resources she needs, but we would love to give you a referral to a great therapeutic preschool that would really be able to support her.” (Which she did go to, and freaking loved, fortunately.)

And like: in part BECAUSE I didn’t know anything about autism, (and in part because i get that kids are actually human beings, which should be a much more common concept), it was very fucking clear why she was “running.”

Her birth family was super dysfunctional; it wasn’t safe for her to acknowledge that at age three or four, while still living part time with her birth mom; and that created a lot of social anxiety and fear and stress and big feelings. And I’m sure there was all kinds of sensory shit going on that I didn’t know about. And that adds up to the seemingly-random need to flee.

And I think the same thing applies for any autistic kid, or adult, who has that urge to just take off. I definitely have that when I’m too triggered, ffs.

I don’t have it with sensory stuff, but only because I’m a fucking adult so I have the freedom to control a lot of my environment, and the knowledge of what helps, and safe quiet places to calmly go to when I need them.

I wish there were a program for Autism Parents™ that would teach THEM “social skills” like imagining that their kids are conscious human beings, and imagining how they themselves would feel in the kid’s situation. And like assuming that whatever their kid does or says might be reasonable and understandable, and trying to think of what that would mean.

Instead of the other way around – assuming that their kids are irrational-to-unthinking, and that there’s no meaning or value in what they say and do.





can everyone plz wish my parents a safe flight tomorrow morning to the isle of man cos my dad’s ban from visiting the island has been lifted finally after 40 all cos he fired a bottle rocket at the queen of england when he was a teenager

since i’ve gotten some intrigued asks here’s the story:

when my dad was 15 he went with his scout troop to a scouting jamboree on the isle of man where he and his friends decided to set off bottle rockets in the park cos idk they were dumb boys. and one of the bottle rockets went careening off into the road where it exploded right beside a car

now, in what year was my dad 15? 1977. the queen of england’s silver jubilee year. and what was the car my dad’s bottle rocket hit? the queen’s car in the cavalcade during her jubilee visit to the isle of man

throw in the fact my dad is irish and the 70s were the height of the troubles between the republic and britain and WHAM BAM THANK YA MAM! my dad got hit with a lifelong ban from ever visiting the isle of man and he and the whole scout troop were sent home

idk who decided to let him off for good behaviour after 40 years but when he got the letter in 2017 saying he could visit the isle of man again after jan 1 2018, my dad burst into the room on my stepmom and i and announced, “WE’RE GOING TO THE CHANNEL ISLANDS!”

shout out to the anon who just messaged me “that means somewhere out in the multiverse there’s a universe where your dad murdered the queen of england” which i’m never posting and just keeping in my inbox forever thank you that’s lovely and yes that’s exactly the response i wanted this to get

just to truly bring this story to complete conclusion my dad just facetimed me from the park where he nearly killed the queen 40 years ago 🌟


I was annoyed by disgusting barking of a neighbor’s dog. One day I, Levchenko Sasha, couldn’t stand anymore—I went out to the balcony and aimed at the dog with my sling. I was raging, my hands were shaking, and my eye was twitching. Thanks to the Guardian Angel, that moment, my neighbor went out to her balcony and scared the dog. Otherwise, I would have harmed this dog and would have been suffering from a guilty conscience afterwards. So since that time, when the dog barks I put my headphones on and listen “Rammstein”.