Politically I agree with the Democrats not giving in to hostage negotiations and manufactured emergencies, but personally it’s going to mess up my month if the government shuts down for more than a couple days.


I’m German and my knowledge of US politics comes mostly from reddit and YouTube videos of Stephen Colbert monologues. My understanding is that a bipartisan agreement on a law for undocumented immigrants, who entered the US as children, is being used as a bargaining chip to force the Democrats to agree to funding for Trump’s border wall?
Which seems… kinda weird? And feels very inaccurate. Could somebody explain the actual situation in the house (or senate? Or all of congress?) that is the problem and how the Republicans (with their majority in / control of both legislative and executive branch) can’t just do what they want? And why this is pictured as the Democrats’ fault?

So here’s my understanding of what happened:

– Trump ended DACA, a program allowing 800,000 people who entered the US illegally as children to stay and work here if they meet certain requirements.  He’s been flip-flopping wildly between saying he wants Congress to work out a permanent solution for those people, and saying they should all be deported because they’re mostly not white of reasons.

– Congress failed to reauthorize spending for CHIP, the children’s health insurance program which insures 9 million children.

– (Note that before they became Designated Controversies, both of these programs had pretty broad bipartisan support.)

– Also, Trump wants to build a giant goddamn wall across the southern border because he wants a giant symbol of his racism thinks that immigrants are Lemmings and if they hit a wall they’ll just get confused and walk into it forever.

– Congress needed to pass a budget or at least a continuing resolution (CR) to keep the government open.

– Congresspeople from both parties had a public meeting with Trump in which he basically said “just make an agreement and I’ll sign whatever you come up with.”

– Congresspeople from both parties came to Trump with a bipartisan budget agreement that could pass both houses and addressed both DACA and CHIP, and Trump went on his infamous “shithole” rant and rejected it.

– Republicans in the House of Representatives passed a CR that provides for CHIP but not DACA.  They’re trying to spin this into making Democrats choose between DACA and CHIP, so they can say “Democrats are hurting CHIP kids to protect DACA illegals!”, and hoping the public will forget that Republicans could easily have just done both.

– The Senate did not support this bill, so Chuck Schumer, Senate Democratic leader, went to Trump and offered him another deal that could keep the government open, and this one even included the freakin’ wall.  Trump turned it down because it included DACA.  It is not yet known which racial slurs he used this time.

– The Senate voted on the House bill because it was all they had, and it failed.  (This was mostly because Democrats refused to vote for a bill that didn’t support DACA, but there were some Republicans who voted against the bill as well.) So right now, we have no CHIP, no DACA, and no federal government funding.

– I think Democrats were right to vote against the bill, because the “CHIP or DACA, you can only have one” choice was bullshit, and because it’s worth some sacrifice to save 800,000 basically-American people from being deported to countries they haven’t seen since they were infants.

I hope that’s clear and more or less correct.

Reblogging to emphasize that the republican controlled Congress could have reauthorized CHIP at literally any time in the last 3 or 4 months. That re-authorization didn’t have to be attached to or contingent on anything, but they refused to even mention it, much less discuss it in any way. They kept it in their pocket specifically for this cynical, life threatening, bullshit.

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After a lot of hard work, I finally got a place of my own! I’ve signed the lease and, with all of your help, was able to pay rent and a deposit. There’s still a lot left to do, however.

I need to:

  • Get water and electricity switched over into my name
  • Get the oil tank for heating filled and keep it filled
  • Get internet set up in the house
  • Furnish the house

I do have a job, but it’s not a very high paying position. As a matter of fact, I’m looking for something to supplement my income because it’s really not that much. That’s where you guys come in once again. If I can raise the rest of this money by move-in day (January 17, 2018) the kids and I will be set for a good little while.

These past few months have been an absolute roller-coaster ride for us. In the past two months I have lost my mother, arranged a funeral, faced homelessness, moved, gotten a job, and found a new place. I’m still shocked I managed to get through all of this relatively in tact, but I did and none of it would have been possible without your help. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all that you have done. There is no way I can repay you.

Someone told me to do this a while ago, but here’s my wish list.

I got some stuff from my wishlist!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! 💕💕💕😭😭😭

I just got an estimate on how much it’d cost to fill the oil tank in my house to heat it and the total cost will be around $790. That’s on top of the cost of renting a truck to get all my stuff out of storage and just paying bills for the month.

I could really use some help with all of this if possible. If youcaring won’t let you donate you can also donate through PayPal, the cash app, and Venmo.

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My roomba is scared of thunderstorms

I was sitting at my desk just a few minutes ago, drawing, and a really loud crack of thunder went off–no power surges or anything, just thunder–and my roomba fled from its dock and started spinning in circles

I currently now have an active roomba sitting quietly on my lap

Humans will pack bond with anything. 




@roysramblings is having a birthday next week!

Roy’s turning 25 on Jan 24. He is my best friend, my husband, and my partner in survival.

And he’s never celebrated his birthday. He is the fifth of eight kids from a poor family – cake, presents, candles, parties, all the fun parts of having a birthday, were never part of his life.

Can y’all help me give him a special birthday this year?

He’s worked so goddamn hard this year, doing a plethora of shitty (literally, sometimes) labor jobs, keeping the van running (I could write a whole new post about the work he’s done on our little home on wheels), and taking care of my ass. He’s had to work by himself to feed us and keep us warm countless times because my spine wouldn’t let me go to work those days. He’s sat up with me through endless nights of panic attacks and PTSD episodes. He’s taken care of me through my abortion, breakups, and cold nights.

He deserves to be fucking SPOILED! I, however, am much too poor to do that myself. So I am planning a Denver birthday tour for him – establishments that give you free (or nearly free) stuff on your birthday. If you know about a good one other than Denny’s breakfast, hit me up!

If you want to spoil him a little yourself, however, I know he’d loooove to see some new donations on PayPal.me/roydieu or in his gobank (roydieu@gmail.com). You can also send him something off our wish list (I’ll be adding a few things for him through out the next few days).

If you want to send him a package directly, hit me up for our mailing address!

A couple hours after I made this Roy was arrested. Last year we lived in a car and couldn’t afford to insure or register it and apparently at some point we got ticketed for it (I’ve been trying all day to remember this, but all I’ve got are memories of cops specifically telling us they were NOT going to ticket us because we obviously can’t afford it). But even if I could recall the incident, we wouldn’t have been able to pay for it anyways.

His bail was set at $1000. Obviously, I don’t have that kind of money. So, instead of a fun loop pedal or a mini amp for his birthday, I’m asking you guys to help me get him put of jail for his birthday.

I’m severely depressed and physically disabled and living homeless by myself puts me in just so much more danger than I was before. I’m alone, I’m scared, and I’m begging for help right now.

We just hit $800!!!

If y’all send me $200 I can pick roy up on Monday (PayPal ain’t coming through until then “/)

His birthday is on Wednesday and I’m actually starting to believe I’ll have him back before then!

I’m a little bit overwhelmed tbh. I was so scared yesterday, I didn’t know what I was gonna do or how long I would be homeless by myself. But so many of you sent money and those who couldn’t sent love and I don’t feel so alone or afraid because I know that literally hundreds (?!) Of people are rooting for me and Roy. I’m so excited to show him all the love and support we got this weekend 💜