Me: reblogs cute picture
Me: the government is corrupt and wants nothing more than to kill you
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Me: This person may die soon without donations from people in only marginally better shape

Me: Anyone else need more baby animals?

So you’re saying that if a child is having a meltdown in a grocery store because they can’t have a toy and NOTHING is working (like distracting them with music, iPad, etc.) that giving them one or two EXTREMELY LIGHT swats on the butt is abuse, especially if when they stop crying, you explain to them afterwards and tell them that you love them and that they’re not bad, their behavior was. I truly don’t understand that. Was so bad about that? I’m genuinely confused.




Im saying that it exists on a spectrum of violence that is ineffective at best and deeply harmful at worst. You have taught them that it they are upset or overwhelmed, that you will hurt them. You have not taught them how to cope with disappointment, being overwhelmed, or upset. Im not saying that this one exact hypothetical is abusive, but that it represents non ideal parenting that resorts to violence to gain compliance.

Also, smacking someone who is in hysterics to make them stop being hysterical is only a consistent technique in movies. In real life, it’s just as likely to make a child having a meltdown scream harder, because now not only are their emotions overwhelming them but they’re also in pain and feel betrayed by their parents. It would only have a hope of working if the child is actually able to control themselves and is choosing not to… but most kids having total freaking meltdowns in public are overwhelmed emotionally and don’t have control.

What’s striking to me is the double think inherent in framing something as a few light swats to the butt. If the point isn’t to hurt the child but get their attention or distract them, why is it specifically the butt people always want to target? Why not a tap on the shoulder, or a hug, or something? It’s always like “well yeah I agree that you should never slap a child in the face, but what about a light tap on the butt?” That’s such a humiliating place to target a child. It betrays what the abuser really wants to do, which is hurt and humiliate the kid for being an inconvenience. Otherwise it’d be a tap on the shoulder, or a hug, or literally trying to find any other way other than spanking. People who really want to find alternatives to abuse would be asking questions like, “If my child is having a meltdown, would it help to pick them up and take them somewhere else?” But this is the hill these people want to die on, constantly trying to reframe spanking as a “gentle tappy tap on the tush!” Why do you want to touch your kid’s ass so bad?

Democrats are just one vote shy of restoring net neutrality


I haven’t done an update on Net Neutrality in a while as I was trying to find a reasonable “next step”, especially since it’s been out of the “news cycle” for a bit. Well, I have some good news. 

According to the senator (minority leader Chuck Schumer) from New York, they now have a total of 50 votes for a Senate resolution of disapproval that would restore the Open Internet Order of 2015 and deliver a stiff rebuke to Ajit Pai and other Republican members of the FCC. It would also prevent the agency from passing a similar measure in the future, all but guaranteeing Net Neutrality is permanently preserved

What’s stopping them now? They need just ONE more Republican and they have less than 30 days to do it.

So goes the next actionable step. You have to contact your senators and get them to suppose the Congressional Review of “the Open Internet Order of 2015″. 

There are two ways to go about it. 

1) Via 5calls.org using this script – https://5calls.org/issue/fcc-net-neutrality-cra

2) Via https://resist.bot/ – you can write to Congress using this site or  Text RESIST to Resistbot on Telegram, Messenger, or to 50409 on SMS. By providing basic information, you can write your Senator to move forward.

Now, if you got a Democratic Senator, push them on to find that one Republican Senator. If you got a Republican Senator, encourage them to reconsider their stance on Net Neutrality. 

We just need ONE Republican Senator and we have less than 30 days to do so. 

Democrats are just one vote shy of restoring net neutrality