Today is HOLOCAUST Remembrance Day.



It is not [insert other genocide here] remembrance day. 

I don’t care if you fee like some other human tragedy doesn’t get as much attention, but today is a day to mourn and remember HOLOCAUST victims. 

Today is a day we remember the Roma, Sinti, and Jews who perished,
Today is the day we remember the disabled and mentally ill who perished, 
Today is the day we remember LGBTQ Europeans who perished, 
Today is the day we remember the Slavs who perished, the HOLOCAUST. 

All said and done, the Holocaust is estimated to have claimed close to 40 million lives, and, no most did not perish in concentration camps. Most Holocaust victims perished in mass graves, from mass shootings in the name of racial purity that are still scattered throughout Europe. 

Our relatives still bear the scars of numbers on their arms, the pain of losing our entire families. This is not some distant tragedy. 

More importantly, stop co-opting the Holocaust for your shitty political points. 

You have your remembrance and we have ours. 


Trying to co-opt Holocaust Remembrance Day for other genocides is like crashing a funeral, interrupting the eulogy and shouting “my grandma died too!”

This is a time for mourning for a particular group. Other groups have respected that and chosen their own days for remembrance.


the most #UselessLesbian thing i have ever done was when i was trying to figure out if this girl liked me or not, just constantly arguing with myself about it, and after a couple, uh, months, of this, i was like, “god i wish i could just like… go to court and lay out all this evidence and have a couple lawyers argue over the TRUE MEANING of her text messages, and then a judge tells me if she likes me or not.” and then the proverbial lightbulb went off over my proverbial head, and i dug into my mock trial folder from high school and found the trial guidelines and i wrote out an entire trial transcript featuring a plaintiff (me), my attorney (my wildest hopes and dreams), a defense attorney (my worst fears and insecurities), and a judge (my desperate attempt at rationality). the final product was several thousand words long. it clarified nothing. at any point in this process did it occur to me to ask her how she felt about me? absolutely not. did i ever stop and think, “hey, maybe i should tell her that i like her?” absolutely not. that’s for people who take risks and i don’t take risks i take myself to court in my own head.




One of our awesome volunteers brought in this submarine as enrichment for the octos, and this little sea monster has had a fantastic time sinking the ship, causing chaos, and finding food while doing so! I love the simplicity of this little vessel as a form of enrichment, and the potential it holds for more complicated activities.




Today, January 27, 2017, marks 72 years since the Soviet army liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp in Nazi occupied Poland. Today we remember the worst of humanity: genocide. Today we remember all the victims and survivors of the Holocaust. We remember the roughly 11 million people (1.1 at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp) who were slaughtered simply for who they were and those who were imprisoned, and sometimes killed, for what they believed.

The Nazi regime murdered an estimated 6 million Jewish people, 2 million Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled non-Jewish/non-Romani people, and 9,000 non-Jewish/non-Romani gay men all in the furtherance of white supremacy and “racial purity.”

Today we remember them all and continue to fight against fascism, totalitarianism, and white supremacy so that this never again happens.

Today, January 27, 2018, marks 73 years. Never again.