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So last night my partner spent the night at someone else’s house, which isn’t abnormal. This morning I wake up to find them packing with their friend and not really telling me what’s happening besides “I’m leaving”. I guess they took their name off the lease without telling me and found a new place.

I’m disabled as fuck. I have hardly any money to my name and a surgery coming next month, not to mention a ton of appointments and stuff that I have to get to despite my agoraphobia making me a panicky mess. I’m going to lose this apartment, that’s kinda just all there is to it. I need help.

-I need a place to stay that’s close to my surgery for at least the next 2 months, which means I need to figure out rent. It’s 740 a month.

-I need to get my computer fixed because they took theirs with them and I need to be able to cam. That’s probably around 150 max.

-Then I’m probably going to have to move to one of the few people that care about me around the country, with an eviction on my name on top of bad credit.

I’m gonna need help y’all. This is completely out of the blue and if I don’t get some assistance I will at the very least miss my surgery, and at the most be on the streets again.

So that being said, if you can’t just send me money to help, I do sell custom nudes, and I’m more than happy to send stuff in return for keeping me afloat.

Love, Venom

Paypal is

This is a thing that I need to reblog every day, amidst regularly scheduled content. I’m in crisis mode atm and could really use some help or some sales. Please reblog.

Marriott fires employee for “willfully liking” a tweet in support of Tibetan independence


Marriott has fired one of its social media managers because the employee
“wrongfully liked” a tweet from Friends of Tibet, a group that supports
Tibetan independence from China.

The sacking started when Marriott contracted with an outside company to
perform a customer satisfaction survey, on which a multiple choice
question about which countries guests had used the chain’s hotels in
listed “Tibet, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan” as separate countries.
Describing these territories as independent countries is an offense
under Chinese law.

Chinese patriotic trolls made a cause celebre out of the questionnaire,
called for a boycott of Marriott Hotels, and went digging for dirt,
discovering that the Twitter account associated with Marriott’s loyalty
program had liked the Friends of Tibet tweet during the controversy.

President and managing director of Asia-Pacific for Marriott
International Craig Smith publicly announced that he had fired the
employee responsible for “willfully liking” the tweet,








This has always baffled me. I… guess I never absorbed the idea that my food preferences are inherently funny?

I mean, I don’t mind being laughed at all, I like weird food and dislike normal food all the time, but… can someone explain the joke?

The joke is that it’s popular opinion that steak tastes best when it’s medium rare or rare and that if you like it well-done then you’re ‘ruining’ the meat and have bad taste in food.

It’s basically just food snobbery tbh. Most people just joke about it and mean nothing by it but there are plenty of people who get genuinely really mad and offended if you like well-done steak.

The funny thing about it to me is when I was a kid and had sensory issues with food to the point of being super picky, I ordered everything well done and no one made fun of me. Now that I trained myself to tolerate medium well (because of that whole “too much charring is a carcinogen” thing) I see people mock it all the time.

And I’m just sort of “??? why were you not bullying wee Fiercelet ???”

I mean, I’m glad of it, wee Fiercelet would have taken it to heart and I’ll just eat everything the rare meat likers don’t want. 😉 but I’m still kind of “…where did this come from”

It’s a common blue collar food snobbery thing. @sinesalvatorem this is context for that whole “wtf are Americans upset about people saying that Trump likes his steak well done???” Thing from a while back.

Yeah, I figured Trump’s preferences might have something to do with it, but otherwise… I mean, I get that the outside of something is going to be more done than the middle. But… why would you want your meat done on the outside and a completely different texture in the middle? It’s like you forgot about it!

I like rare/medium-rare steak. The sear on the outside helps hold in moisture, allows the whole piece of meat to get warm/hot without fully cooking the inside (making for a nice texture/temperature), and kills any e. coli that may have contaminated the surface*, so it’s safer to eat than just all raw. IDK about other people, but for me the outside texture is a neccesary evil, not the best texture of the whole steak, so, uh, that’s why the inconsistent texture.

*I could be misremembering, but where with chicken, salmonella can be in any part of the tissue, with beef the harmful bacteria is in the digestive tract and so the concern is with surface contamination of cuts of meat during the butchery process. Relatedly, eating rare hamburgers is living dangerously in a way eating rare steak is not.






i’m pretty sure “cats and humans can never have a bond as strong as a dog and a human” is just code for “i’ve never even tried to treat a cat correctly in my life”

Also dogs are man-made to be loving towards us. We didn’t selectively breed cats the same as we did dogs. I’m 100% a dog person but with them it’s more of, “this tool that I use is also very cute and I’ve removed 96% of its ability to not love me” whereas with cats it’s more, “Ah yes, this is my roommate Craig. He’s very nice to me unless I ignore his wants and treat him like an asshole.”

Cats are the only animal that domesticated itself. The bond between cats and humans are on the cats’ terms, not ours.


humans claimed dogs as ours, cats claim humans more than we actually own them




honestly the whole conversation around rapists men not understanding nonverbal cues and rape being an ‘accident’ is such nonsense. they know what nonverbal signals are, they just play dumb because then they can claim they had no way of knowing. my rapist literally acted like he just couldn’t hear me when I said to stop verbally. It’s not that they don’t know, it’s that they don’t care. They only claim to not know better because it allows them to escape accountability. 

they know exactly what they’re doing. Lying about being too oblivious to know how not to rape someone is literally just a tactic to avoid consequences. 

hey there’s a rlly worthwhile 1999 study called ‘Just Say No? The Use of Conversation Analysis in Developing a Feminist Perspective on Sexual Refusal’ which analyses conversations outside of sexual contexts + shows how fucking rare it is for anyone to actually say no in any social situation– what we actually say is stuff like ‘i’d love to but im going somewhere that day’ or ‘i have an early morning’ + men have absolutely no issue @ all reading the refusal in these statements. but in sexual contexts women have to say no explicitly– which is double edged bc men rarely ask explicitly. men’s requests/demands for sex, as a safety net, are almost always vague + ambiguous, making the expectation of a definitive ‘no’ from women even more unrealistic, + men’s claims 2 not understand any softened refusal, when they themselves are using coded language, even more unbelievable.

this is so real! thank you for sharing this study. It articulates an aspect of this shit that I’ve been unable to. 

Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer



White People: Minorities need to stop being so lazy and relying on us!

Minority: I just got a new job 

White People:…They’re taking our jobs! What kind of diversity quota are they trying to fill!? 

Schrodinger’s Minority – they’re both too lazy to work and stealing our jobs at the same time.