“I don’t care how the Cabinet is made up in terms of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. That’s why I’m writing this angry letter to a national newspaper about women and ethnic minorities being represented in the Cabinet. Because I don’t care about it at all. Not at all.”

Are people allowed to ask why someone has a dog in public if it isn’t clear it’s a working dog like a service dog? Do service dogs have to wear vests?




It depends on the type of service dog. There are so many different types. Usually service animals for physical disabilities do wear some sort of identifying equipment or vest to show they are. Emotional support animals and other service animals do not have to. I wouldn’t suggest asking a person because it can be very invasive and exhausting for them to explain themselves but businesses can ask to confirm the pet is a service animal. People do not need to carry paperwork or anything to “prove” their animal is a service animal.

If anyone with service animals wants to jump in that would be great!

Businesses can ask if your animal is a service animal and what service it provides, that’s it.

ESAs are not service animals, are not allowed in public “no pet” areas except for airplanes.

There is no official registry for service animals and a business owner can be reported for discrimination if they do not allow you into their place of business. That being said, it’s not hard to tell by the behavior of the animal if it’s a trained service animal or not.

I wouldn’t say that it’s not hard to tell by the behavior for people not used to being around service dogs. Especially if their only experience is watching a cute thirty second video about a dog while it’s actively tasking.

It’s a lot easier as a SD handler to tell if a dog shouldn’t have public access (just a reminder that a misbehaving dog doesn’t equal a fake or that the handler isn’t disabled). Usually the number one sign is the dog lunging or barking at my SD. So pretty easy to tell then…

But some things that ppl would consider misbehaving could be tasks to an untrained eye. I’ve had people tell me Kaos isn’t an SD because he ‘pulls’ – he was momentum pulling shortly before that. (Which is a task that is useful for my disability). Also a single bark. I’m not talking out of control barking or aggressive barking btw. But Kaos is trained to alert he does a discreet alert, a lean, a mini whine, then a bark if I still haven’t either told him I’m okay or gotten to the floor.

Sitting on laps – could be doing dpt.

Also I’ve had a lot of people tell me Kaos isn’t a ‘real SD’ because people pet him. Even when I’m trying to get the ppl to stop petting him…

So yea don’t ever say anything about the validity of a service dog. It doesn’t matter if you think the handler is disabled or not. Doesn’t matter if you think the dog is trained to do tasks or not.

The only time you should say something is if you are a business or working for a business and the dog is being disruptive (excessive barking, being unsanitary and going to the bathroom inside, etc.). And then you can ask the person to remove the dog from the building.









You can’t be serious… that shit is soooooo unsafe for the patient and taxing on nurse 😩

As a nursing major this hurts me. It’s already hard enough taking care of someone who cannot take care of themselves but NOW we don’t have the materials needed to administer care. This pisses me off 😒

Man what the fuck

He’s telling the truth, I currently work at a hospital and there is a nationwide shortage of IV fluid bags. So bad that they’re referring to alternative methods like medications that can be administered orally or like the post above. Smh

Not to mention the shortage of antibiotics


Some 40% of drugs and supplies used in the US were manufactured in PR. Drug shortages were predicted after the hurricane and now they are starting to happen.  Since PR doesn’t seem to be considered to be part of the US by this administration, help to fix it has been short and late in coming, which means that drug shortages will only get worse.

Are we great yet?

I beg the earlier posters to forgive my innate cynicism, but this seemed too outlandish a story to be true because bloody hell, how could that happen?

So I checked snopes just in case and they confirm it’s true.


Ye gods….

US housing predators ready for Britain


Stephen Schwarzman sat on Trump’s Business Advisory Panel (Pic: World Economic Forum/Flickr) 

US housing investment firm Blackstone is set to enter the social housing sector in Britain.

The company is the largest residential landlord in the US through its subsidiary Invitation Homes.

It is a predatory investment group worth almost £300 billion.

It sucked up huge amounts of property across the US and Europe in the fallout from the economic crisis which began in 2007.

Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman is a friend of right wingers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump.


Schwarzman sat on Trump’s Business Advisory Panel before its members resigned over Trump’s statement following the fascist killing at Charlottesville last year.

The firm’s deal in Britain is a stark warning about the direction the
social housing sector is moving in. That is, away from the needs of
ordinary people and towards the needs of the market. Blackstone has
announced it will fund the Sage for-profit housing association.

It will target its investment on buying the “social housing” quota on private developments off developers.

In London, mayor Sadiq Khan has promised that any development will
have to include 35 percent “affordable” homes, which includes starter
homes and rents at 80 percent of market rate.

Yet the percentage of “affordable” housing on developments is often
far lower than the 35 percent thanks to “viability assessments”….

Continued:- https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/45922/US+housing+predators+ready+for+Britain