This is getting on my fucking nerves, so I’m just going to say it here:

Adults who need high levels of support in daily living are not children. 

“Mental age” is a concept rooted in eugenics, and it doesn’t actually exist.

No one should be robbed of agency or dignity because of their need for support.

Oh, also, while we’re at it (since disability rights activism that doesn’t tackle age-related oppression is bullshit), kids deserve to be treated with respect too. Shouldn’t be a controversial statement, but it is.

Most people neglect to mention this, but if “being treated like a child” equates to “being robbed of agency and dignity,” there’s something fundamentally wrong with the way we treat children. 

Not sure if this is entirely related as a discussion but the fear that many elderly feel in regards to their deteriorating health is often not the fear of the body itself but the fear of being denied autonomy



quick survey: please reblog if the way someone chooses to dress themselves has NEVER had a negative impact on your education

I was at school/collage between 1984 and 1997 and was in uniform till 87 then my own clothes till i left full time education in 87 we never got told what to ware in school, only not to have racist,sexist or rude slogens on our tshirts or tops.we could (and did) colour our hair what ever way we wanted (i started year 9 with purple hair and left collage with a bleached blonde pixie cut)the class was mixed sporty, preppy ,hippy, rocker and gothsand we all did well and worked together how we dressed had no effect on our work some times it even helped with conversations in group work .the only people that had problems with our clothing were the pervy teachers and we told them to fuck off if they made a comment “as it wasnt being very inclusive to students.”

I have to add again that, IME, the return this stuff is fairly recent in the US too.

I graduated from HS in 1993, and we never had anything like that. What did get described as potentially “distracting”? The main restrictions I recall: “no hats inside, no obscenities/nudity/obvious drug or alcohol references on clothing”. You were covered to where you wouldn’t get arrested on the street? Fine.

Applied in a totally gender neutral way. Even that one crank of a middle school principal I mentioned there who hated shorts and tank tops (but was fine with any skirt length) didn’t want any students wearing them, period.

They at least didn’t seem to think they could get away with blatantly sexist regulations like that in public schools, even if some of them probably would have been fine with the idea otherwise.

It wasn’t until later in the ‘90s-early 2000s that I started hearing anything about "unnatural” hair colors getting turned into a problem, for that matter. And my mother (who did grow up under similarly restrictive dress codes) was complaining then that she thought this shit was settled by the early ’70s. So many things.

The changes there are still pretty disturbing. Not least because of the creepy attitudes from adults on open display 😨